Aporosa Lindleyana - Medicall Most useful Herbal


Aporosa Lindleyana extract

Extract of Aporosa Llindleyana is widely used in Ayurveda medicines. Aporosa Lindleyana is commonly seen in western ghats, Sri Lanka and in some rain forests of Kerala. In Ayurveda Aporosa Lindleyana is named as Kodali. The extract of Aporosa Lindleyana root is very useful medicine. The name Aporosa Lindleyana was given by a British Botanist John Lindley. John Lindley was Botany professor of University of London.

I have taken the photo of Aporosa Lindleyana plant from Wayanad OISCA Centre. Thanks a lot to the Medicinal plant protectors at OISCA, Waynad.

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Binz said...

It was good information inded. You could have added more info like what Ayurvedic properties it has and what for it is used as a medicine.

In my childhood I was seeing this tree as its fruits were very sweet and it was plenty avaialable in South Kerala.
Now it is no more I think. In native place it is called as Vetti maram and fruits vetti pazham.